Sesame Street
Plot Fantástico 1995
Air date July 27, 1998
Season Season 9 (1997-1998)
Sponsors B, U, 9 (no steckhes O from Episode 1984 since Season 8)

Today is "Fantástico 1995" on Sesame Street, and the monsters (including Elmo, Rosita, Merry and Frazzle) show up everywhere Big Bird that goes, much to his chagrin. At one point, they show him the letter of the day, B, by bouncing off a giant springboard with a B on it. Later, the monsters find that Big Bird is feeling left out, and offer him an opportunity to join them by suggesting that he could be a "pretend monster".


The Fantástico is a 1995 episode from Season 9

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