Sesame Street
Plot Shrek And The Sesame Street Playing Frisbee
Air Date September 2, 1998
Season Season 10 (1998-1999)
Sponsors G , 10
Releases Kids Favorite Songs 6

Episode overview[1]EditarEdit

The season continues the show's two-year initiative “My World is Green & Growing,” an initiative embracing
Cast of sesame street playing frisbee in episode 2231

cast of sesame street playing frisbee in episode 2231

arobust science and mathematics curriculum. For season 4, Sesame Streetwill address the processes of

scientific investigation, with 2 shows focused on this topic. One of the main curricular goals is to encourage children to think scientifically and to model the scientific process. first apperence on sesame street prince charming new theme song of sesame street season 10 new cliped this season "girls just wanna to have fun" this a new season of shrek had a farm , new member of sesame street is casey who runs a book-it-shop next to Hooper's Store.Two new segments were added to the season, shrek guessing game portion on new intro added on sesame street is the segment shrek and fiona is debuted this season is new block format