Sesame Square
Plot Valentine Day on Sesame Place
Air date April 28, 2006
Season Season 9 (2006)
Sponsors W, Z, 6
DVD Happy Valentines
It´s Happy Valentines on Sesame Place in Largnhorme, PA. Elmo, Grover, Zoe, Abby Cadabby and Tim visits Sesame Place and Welcomes the Viewer Sesame Square and Today on Sesame Square

We Can Do It


  • Film: Aquarium
  • The Trio sings about Fur
  • Letter of The Day: W
  • Things that with W
  • Elmo´s Adventures: Superstation
  • Letter of The Day: Z (Part 2)
  • Z is for Zebra
  • Sesame Cooking: Brithday Cake (First: Episode 0224)
  • Film: Shake Shake the Mango Tree (EKA: Episode 0146)
  • Number of the Day: 6
  • 6 Apples and 6 Costumes (EKA: Episode 0214)
  • Elmo´s World: Building Things


  • This Episode was Released on DVD Happy Valentines

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