Sesame Street
Plot Kasumi´s Brithday
Air date Febuary 23 , 2003 (season premiere)



Season 14 (2003)

J, 11

Sesame Workshop DescriptionEdit

Kasumi Has A Brithday On Sesame Street Jann Lee helps him measure it, Elmo and Telly help him into the
SUPER WHY Princess Presto -39 s I Love to Spell HICCUP Music Video PBS KIDS 0001

I Love to Spell HICCUP Music Video

cannon, and "drum roll please," there's a poof and Hubert tumbles out. Baby Bear measures the distance, and, to the dismay of Hubert, he has flown zero feet. They figure out that his cannon is broken and try to come up with another way to launch Hubert five feet to the bucket of gelatin. Telly comes up with the bright idea to try his toy catapult. So they set Hubert up, launch him, and then measure. Once again, Hubert is disappointed - he has only gone two feet.


  • Princess Presto Sings I Love To Spell PARTY
  • Destacks of The Day : You View
  • Happy Brithday to you
  • I´m A Little Airplane
  • Kung Fu Fantástico: Martial Arts Professional
  • Elmo´s World: Brithdays

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