Sesame Street
Plot Fix it-Shop becomes Mail-it Shop (season finale)
Air date May 5, 2007
Season Season 18 (2007)
Sponsors B, P, 7
Syndication Sesame Street on Discovery Kids

Great Times with Elmo

Elmo and Snuffy wonder what the Mail It Shop is and when it will open. Everyone sings "Mail It Shop Is Coming." 
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Maria opens the Mail It Shop. Grover the mail carrier delivers more mail, but Big Bird is very disappointed that there's no mail for him. He's hoping that Granny Bird will send him some homemade birdseed. Big Bird's letter is ready. Grover, the Tuba Delivery Monster delivers Telly's Tuba Lover's Songbook, which comes with a free tuba. Grover, the Birdseed Delivery Monster, delivers a bag of birdseed for Big Bird from Granny Bird. Now Big Bird will send a different letter -- a thank you note.

So Ends 18th Season of Sesame Street

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