Sesame Street
Plot Meet The New Cast (season premiere)
Air date November 23 , 2009



Season 20 (2009)

J, 7

Sesame Workshop DescriptionEdit

Season 20 Welcomed A New Cast On Sesame Street Is A Fely, Casey, Lauren, Tim And Steve And Elmo´s
Instantâneo 3 (19-12-2011 16-44)
World Returned Eleventh Season And Six New Episodes From Elmo´s World Is Shows, Grouches, Mixers, Girls, Tables And Garages And Temptation Returned Tenith Season And Eight New Episodes Is Groches, Sesame Street, Videos, And New Cold-Open Lauren´s Body Move Is Debuted This Season The season continues STEM Curriculum; encouraging children to think critically about technology, engineering and math. The curriculum helps children develop a better understanding of how things work, and builds stronger cognitive reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The show also got a brand new set this season, with a Around The Corner and more inner-city details, such as parking meters and newspaper dispensers. Major additions to the set include the Jet-It-Shop being Backing by the Book-it Shop, and the place in the courtyard where Tina did her Day Care Shop was changed to a car garage once again. The set also got A Squarer Garden In The Courtyard, Stairs And Door Parking. Also, Hooper's Store had gotten re-done as well, with a different wall color, refrigeration, and big signs indicating the products underneath them (Groceries, Newspapers, Cold Food & Drinks). Also, the awning now has stripess


  • Charli Sings I´ve A Miracle
  • Letter Of The Day: J
  • J Is For Jump
  • The Story Of The Day: Space
  • Song Of The Number 7
  • Elmo´s World: Mixers

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