Sesame Street
Plot Elmo loves Charli
Air date January 1, 2010
Season Season 20 (2009-2010)
Sponsors M, 4

I Love You On Sesame Street

Instantâneo 1 (25-12-2011 20-47)

Elmo Got To Loves In A Charli´s Apartment Then they see a very miserable who has allergies and cannot tell which of his containers of milk is sour and stinky. They smell it—yuck! Now they're the Excellent Eyes and Nose Club.

Then Baby Bear's upset because he thinks he used salt instead of sugar on his porridge. The friends taste the porridge, which is sweet. Now they're the Excellent Eyes, Nose, and Tongue Club.
Instantâneo 3 (19-12-2011 16-44)

Now Big Bird's distraught because Radar may have fallen behind the toy chest. The friends feel around, and Radar is found. Now they're The Excellent Eyes, Nose, Tongue, and Fingers Club.

Last, they run into Little Bo Peep, who cannot find her sheep. They hear some baaing and find the sheep in the garden. What is the club called now? The Excellent All Our Senses Club, of course!


  • Charli Sings I Love You
  • Elmo and friends Sings The Fur Song (EKA: Episode 3745)
  • Things Thats With M (EKA: Episode 3700)
  • Mad Panting #4 (First: Episode 3133)
  • Elmo´s World: Girls

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