Sesame Street
Plot Abelardo wants To Play with Big Bird (season finale)​
Air date January 2, 2010
Season Season 20 (2009-2010)
Sponsors M, 2

Abelardo wants to Play on Sesame Street with Big Bird

Big Bird says No, Abelardo doesn't Play with Big Bird

Abelardo makes a Sad and Angry

Elmo helps Abelardo decides to Play with Big Bird

But That Not, Rosita helps Elmo and Abelardo to decides Big Bird to Play

And Finally Big Bird says Yes, Abelardo makes Happy


  • Linda plays a Sign Language
  • Tony sings Don't Take your Love
  • Cartoon: Gardening Flowers (EKA: Episode 3797)
  • Cookie Monster introduces The Letter of The Day - M
  • Things That Starts with M
  • M in Space
  • Bert Goes To The Pigeon Lovers Meeting (EKA: Episode 3798)
  • The Count introduces The Number of the Day - 2
  • Number Creatures: 2
  • Song of Two
  • Grover explores in the Jungle and Takes Pictures of the Animals (Including Chicago The Lion Butch The Tiger Horatio The Elephant Phoenicia The Hippopotamus Randall The Zebra Alexis The Giraffe Poco Loco A Toucan Sammy The Snake Joey Monkey And Davey Monkey)

So Ends 20th season Of Sesame Street

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