Elmo, who faced a difficult transition when his father,

Sesame Street
Plot Sesame Street Sings in 3 Languages from 2 Countries
Air date Febuary 9, 2010
Season Season 21 (2010)
Sponsors W, X, 3
Releases Sing-Along in Portuguese, English and Spanish
Louie, is away. While Louie is away, Elmo's mom consoles her son, and lets him know that it's okay to feel nervous about seeing his father again after their time apart.They
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pass the time while they're waiting by keeping a daily routine. When it's finally time for her husband to come home, Elmo's mom bakes a cake and helps Elmo and his friends decorate for the homecoming.


  • Charli goes Feed this His Lamb (First: Episode 3734)
  • Cartoon: Gardening Flowers
  • Casey demostrates the Letter W
  • Cartoon: Soul: W
  • Abby Cadabby sings I Love Words (EKA: Episode 3797)
  • Film: Fishes living in Aquarium (First: Episode 3129)
  • Play Lambaba: Games in the Weather (First: Episode 3752)
  • Song: Bring a Plate
  • Casey demostrates the Letter X
  • Film: The Letter X (EKA: Episode 1984)
  • The trio of Sesame Street sings Fur (EKA: Episode 3745)
  • Casey demostrates the Number 3
  • Film: It´s Number 3
  • Sesame Cooking: Brithday Cake
  • Film: Shake Shake The Mango Tree (EKA: Episode 3740)
  • Elmo´s World: Jumping


  • The first Episode 3824 Was Released on DVD

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