Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird´s New Turtle
Air date Febuary 10, 2010
Season Season 21 (2010)
Big Bird shows off his new pet, a turtle named Seymour who wandered into the nest area. The Count arrives and counts Seymour the Turtle. Then he counts the turtle's shell, spots, legs, and head. He also counts the Monster Time monsters. Big Bird introduces Seymour to Justin,
Emily and Rosita. Back at the nest, Big Bird is shocked to find that Seymour is gone. He asks Rosita and Emily to help him search for him, but they have no luck. Rosita and Emily run into Gina, who is closing up shop for the day. Gina explains to Big Bird that Seymour is a wild turtle who probably belongs in the park. Big Bird is very sad, and Gina stays with him to talk.


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