Sesame Street
Plot Summer In The Courtyard (season finale)
Air date April 5, 2010
Season Season 21 (2010)



T, 10

Sesame Street Holidays!

Hubert the Human Cannonball comes to Sesame Street to be launched out of a cannon, across the yard, and

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into a bucket of blue gelatin. He starts to set up all his stuff in the arbor and takes out a ruler so he can make sure the bucket is exactly five feet from the cannon. Baby Bear helps him measure it, Elmo and Telly help him into the cannon, and "drum roll please," there's a poof and Hubert tumbles out. Baby Bear measures the distance, and, to the dismay of Hubert, he has flown zero feet. They figure out that his cannon is broken and try to come up with another way to launch Hubert five feet to the bucket of gelatin. Telly comes up with the bright idea to try his toy catapult. So they set Hubert up, launch him, and then measure. Once again, Hubert is disappointed - he has only gone two feet. Elmo comes up with a new idea to make Hubert go further and comes back with the Big Bad Wolf, who can make houses fly! He blows and Hubert takes off. This time the distance measures only four feet. Baby Bear thinks he
can engineer something just forceful enough, and designs and builds a launcher for Hubert using a giant rubber band. It works! Hubert lands precisely five feet away, right into the bucket of blue gelatin - and the crowd goes wild.


  • Charli Think About Hippopotamus (First: Episode 3823)
  • Cartoon: Baby is Growing
  • Casey demostrates the Letter T
  • T Is For Tatu
  • Play Lambaba: Healthy Bees (First: Episode 3732)
  • Snoop Dogg Sings Sensual Seduction
  • Casey demostrates the Number 10
  • Number Song (Song of 10)
  • 10 Chickhens
  • Shrektástico: Episode 254 (First: Episode 4697)
  • Film: Shake Shake the Mango Tree (EKA: Episode 3700)
  • Film: Fishes Living in Aquarium (EKA: Episode 3134)
  • Elmo´s World: Helping

So Ends 21th Season Of Sesame Street

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