Sesame Street
Plot Surprise Party (season premiere)
Air date April 23, 2011
Season Season 22 (2011-2012)



D, 17

Come On The Party

Sesame Workshop descriptionEditEdit

The resource video featured Elmo, who faced a difficult transition when his father, Louie, is away. While Louie is
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away, Elmo's mom consoles her son, and lets him know that it's okay to feel nervous about seeing his father again after their time apart. They pass the time while they're waiting by keeping a daily routine. When it's finally time for her husband to come home, Elmo's mom bakes a cake and helps Elmo and his friends decorate for the homecoming. They dig him out, but he says it will just happen again since he gets covered with leaves every single day. Rosita suggests that they try to figure out which tree the leaves are coming from by comparing a leaf that fell on Stinky to leaves on some of the surrounding trees. When they discover which tree the leaf came from, Leela and Chris explain that the tree is deciduous, which means it loses its leaves every fall and

New Episode Of Elmo´s World Is A Brithdays

grows them back every spring. Since Stinky doesn’t want to move, they all think of ways that they can protect him from the falling leaves. First Elmo and Rosita try an umbrella, but Stinky explains that it’s not good since it blocks the sunlight. Then they try a big clear bowl that will let in the sunlight, but Stinky tells them that it will keep out the raindrops that he needs. Finally they spot some mosquito netting that will let the sunlight and rain through but keep the leaves out. Using the netting, small tools and some wood, they build the perfect covering for Stinky and solve the problem!


  • Charli Making Suprise For Kathleen
  • D Is For Duddle
  • Mobile For Negribhood
  • Chris, Miles and Alan sings Sensual Seduction With Charli
  • 17 Chickhens
  • Elmo´s World: Brithdays

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