Sesame Street
Plot Juni goes Win in Peão of Awards
Air date March 27, 2013
Season Season 24 (2013)
Sponsors H, 17
Releases Winning a Trophy
Today is a Peão Awards on Sesame Street Juni goes Begin a Win a Trophy Elmo goes to Help to Juni and Telly to Spin the Peão of Awards to Win a Trophy but Arnold can Be a Contestant in Game-Show

It's Time to the Final Award of The Day is Trophy of Muppets, Juni goes Spin the Peão to Win a Trophy of Muppets

at Few Minutes of the Peão of Awards Everyone goes Sing Game Over


  • What's The Word on the Street: Trophy
  • Cartoon: Gardening Flowers (First: Episode 3824)
  • Jason Biggs and Big Bird explains a trophy
  • Telly and Juni introduces The Letter of the Day - H
  • H is for Home
  • Everyone versus One!: Episode 23
  • Film: Fishes Living in Aquarium (EKA: Episode 3123)
  • Telly and Juni introduce the Number of the Day - 17
  • 17 Chickhens and 17 Flashlights
  • Kellie Wakes Chatterbox (First: Episode 3749)
  • Elmo's World: Jumping (EKA Episode 3824)

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