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Sesame Street
Plot New Year´s Eve On Sesame Street
Air date December 31, 2012
Season Season 23 (2012)
Sponsors Y, 5
Elmo and Zoe have a playdate, but she won't share her Zoemobile with him, unless he participates in activities with her and Rocco. Zoe insists that Rocco announce the letter and number of the day, which Elmo wanted to do. Ultimately, Zoe's constant fawning over Rocco makes Elmo so furious that he storms off. Gina talks Zoe into letting Elmo have a turn, reminding her that Elmo is her friend. Abby Cadabby arrives and Oscar suggests that she wave her wand and fix the car. Using her magic word (allerednic! - Cinderella backward) she turns the jalopy into a
pumpkin - Oscar and Grundgetta are not pleased. Abby uses her wand to call her mommy, who gives her a new spell which turns the jalopy back again. The car still won't start, but Abby disappears. Elmo and Alan are reading in Hooper's Store, when they both hear a boat, then see it (includes a rare appearance of Sesame Street) and the storefront is boarded by a group of Bookaneers. An Anything Muppet and a salty dog are led by their pirate captain, played by guest star Tina Fey. They demand that Elmo hand over his book, but Elmo explains that he loves to read. The pirates invite Elmo to become a Bookaneer, but he must first pass a series of tests.


  • Charli Sings About Fishing
  • C is For Circle
  • "Soul" C
  • Number Song (song of 10)
  • Elmo´s World: Fishes

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