Sesame Street
Plot Abby´s Trycicle (shown in widescreen)
Air date May 1, 2015
Season Season 26 (2015)
Sponsors C, G, T, 7, 8

Picture Segment Description



SCENE Elmo and the kids come riding out of the arbor on their tricycles and Elmo finds Abby with a tricycle over her own, ready to ride, but she needs lessons first. Elmo recommends Gordon, who taught him how to ride with great results. Abby waves her wand to summon Gordon, who happens to be taking a bath at the time and appears, bathtub and all. Gordon promises to teach her, just as soon as she lets him finish his bath back in his apartment.



While they wait for Gordon, they try getting their minds off of tricycles. They try thinking of marshmallows, but their minds go back to tricycles when a boy passes by on one They then think of elephants, until Horatio rolls by on his tricycle.The entire street story can be viewed at



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