Plaza Sésamo
Plot We are Family (season premiere)
Air date April 4, 2006
Season Season 17 (2006)
Sponsors I, T, 0
Releases The Spot of Mystery
Picture Segment Description
100px-Noimage COLD OPEN Charli present the Word of the Day - Families
100px-Noimage SCENE Elmo, Baby Bear, Grover, and Telly Monster plays Hide and Seek all-the time on Sesame Street
210px-JOSS02 Street Story Julie has a chat with Big Bird.
198px-300px-ThisLilPiggy Muppets

The Oinker Sisters and Elmo sings This Little Pig Went to Market

(EKA: Episode 1003)Edit

Street Story

Kermit welcomes Julie to the street.
200px-Count-zero Muppets

The Number of The Day: 0

Count counts to 0 over Mean Night

200px-ZeroDancer Film a man break a number 0
210px-JOSS04 Street Story "And I Love You So"
200px-I-song Film Ornate's displays the Letter I
217px-JOSS06 Street Story Julie and Perry sing a medley.
200px-4027w Cartoon Fish displays the letter T
100px-Noimage Cartoon 0 Is My Favorite Number
200px-Ewfrogs Muppets

Elmo's World: Frogs

(First: Episode 2234)Edit
200px-Count-zero SCENE Count von Count annouces The Sponsors

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