Sesame Street
Plot Homecomings
Air date
Season Season 17 (2006)
Sponsors D, 4
Plaza Sésamo-Episode 016
Elmo has to get used to his father, Louie, being back at home. Then when Louie finds out that he has to leave again, Elmo finds it hard to missed him. However, Mae told them that they can get through it since they have experience it before.


  • Cartoon: D is For Dirt
  • Shaun sings Sexual Eruption
  • Film: Face Facts
  • Grover Scares Tony
  • Number of the Day: 4
  • Ornate 4's fly through the air
  • The Count Counts Sheep Ducks Cows Chickens And Dogs (Including Wolle Meryl Sheep Baa Baa Walters Colambo Mumford's Duck Alfred Duck Gladys The Cow Natalie The Cow Kathleen The Cow Mariah Cowey Stephanie Chicken Watson Furry Godmother Annie Afghan Truckee Dawg The Dog Masha Renata Scottie Masha And Dimples The Dog) As He Sings Lambaba(EKA: Episode 3795)

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