Sesame Street
Plot Rosita meets a frog wearing a crown (season premiere)
Air date April 4, 2007
Season Season 18 (2007)


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Rosita wants to play with someone, but it turns that just about everybody on Sesame Street is too busy to play
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with her, until she discovers a frog who loves to jump, so she plays with him. Baby Bear and Telly finish their little chores and decide they want to play along, until Baby Bear's sharp eyes notice the frog is wearing a crown on his head, prompting him to think the frog is Frog Prince from the story of the prince who was turned into a frog by an evil wizard, and the only way he can become a prince again is if a princess kisses him. Since Rosita is the closest thing to a princess, Baby Bear and Telly convince Rosita to kiss the frog, but when she does, he becomes Horatio, who is "Prince of the Elephants", because his because his parents were king and queen of the elephants; although Rosita is sad that her frog friend no longer is, Horatio tells her that they can still be friends with him as an elephant, and that they can still hop together since he always loved to hop, so this makes Rosita happy again.

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