Plaza Sésamo 004

Plaza Sésamo
Plot Suprise Party
Air date August 5, 1998
Season Season 1 (1998)
Sponsors B, D, 11
Picture Segment Description
Snapshot(27) SCENE 1 Elmo demostrates the fater Louie in the forest. After finding the butterflies, she tells us that if we want to keep seeing the butterflies, we have to take care of the forest and not cut them down. After deciding to name some butterflies, Lola imagines how it would be like to have butterfly wings.
Cartoon A boy tries to catch a butterfly, but has no luck. One of them then flies onto his nose.
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This Little Piggy

Organizations 031 SCENE 2 Elmo´s Mom says Elmo Goes to Sleepy on Plaza Sésamo