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When a sudden illness befell her father, the family's dojo went into despair and became afflicted with financial

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trouble. To help her father, Hitomi entered the fourth Dead or Alive Tournament in an attempt to win the cash prize. During the tournament, she faced and defeats Lei Fang after a dispute over a cabbage, and yet again faced Jann Lee, after he 'rescues' her from a T-Rex; she found it "cruel" of Jann to attack the dinosaur, despite its attempt to eat her.

the First Apparence Of 13 (2002) Season 13 Tritower, Hitomi eventually encountered Hayate again, and she pleaded for him to come back with her to the dojo, admitting that she did not know what to do without him. Hayate told her that he couldn't because he was no longer Ein, and the fourth tournament was no tournament at all, but a war. He then asked her to spar for a warm-up, for old time's sake, which she happily accepted. After the fight, they told each other to take care and Hitomi ran down the stairs and passed Ayane with tears in her eyes.

After the tournament, Hitomi returned home, continuing to live her independent life.

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Season 13 (2002)

Season 14 (2003)

Season 15 (2004)

Season 16 (2005)

Season 17 (2006)

Season 18 (2007)

Season 19 (2008)

Season 20 (2009)

Season 21 (2010)

Season 22 (2011)


  • This Character To The Final Season 22

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