Sesame Street
Season premiere Febuary 17, 2008 (3781)
Season finale Febuary 26, 2008 (3796)
No. of episodes 19

Sesame Street Season 19 premiered on January 30, 2008

Season OverviewEdit

The season Presents New Sesame Street On The Nave curriculum; encouraging children to think critically about science,
technology, engineering and math. The curriculum helps children develop a better understanding of how things work, and builds stronger cognitive reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The show also got a brand new set this season, with a littler size and more inner-city details, such as parking meters and newspaper dispensers. Major additions to the set include the Book-It-Shop being replaced by the Sesame Street Jet-it-shop, and the place in the courtyard where Tina did her Day Care Shop was changed to a car garage once again. The set also a larger garden in the arbor and the staircase and extra door and stairs is has been removed. Also, Hooper's Store had gotten re-done as well, with a different wall color,
refrigeration, and big signs indicating the products underneath them (Groceries, Newspapers, Cold Food & Drinks). Also, the awning now has stripes

Season 19 Introduces Elmo´s World Season 9 Presents Two New Episodes is Weather And Girls And New Human Character To the Cast Christie Who Runs A Jet-it-Shop Next To Hopper´s Store And Temptation Has Fourth Season and Three New Episodes Is Grouchy, Aparments and Seasons


Take A Shower (a parody of Sesame Shower) Scared Smerkless (a spoof of Scared Shrekless) "Heaviest Catch"
3718scene1 (2)
(parody of the TV show Deadliest Catch), "Ate My Red Two" (spoof of Elvis Costello's "(The Angles Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes"), "Measure, Yeah, Measure" (parody of Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"), "G" (parody of the TV show Glee) and "SpiderMonster the Musical" (spoof of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark).


19 Episodes (3781-3796)

Episode 3781 - Golden Triangle Of Sesame

Episode 3782 - Puss In Boots Is lost (repeat)

Episode 3783 - Sesame Street Show Live On Holywood
Sesame Street Ready Set Grover - Wii - Gameplay - Part 1 of 2 1 0001

Episode 3784 - Number 6 Games

Episode 3785 - Porridge Party

Episode 3786 - Kasumi´s Brithday (repeat)

Episode 3787 - Happy Carnival

Episode 3788 - The Cowmonster Pair

Episode 3789 - Mine-it-is Sweeps Sesame Street

Episode 3790 - 8 Mile On Sesame Street

Episode 3791 - Mania Sesame Shows

Episode 3792 - Festival Z On Sesame Street

Kasumi Welcomes To Viewer to Sesame Street

Episode 3793 - Sharing Stories

Episode 3794 - Fozzie Bear New Aparment Garage

Episode 3795 - The Shrek O-Bots

Episode 3796 - Tina´s New Babysitter (repeat)


Season Since Season 10 have 2 episodes repeated


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