Sesame Street
Season premiere March 26, 2013 (3902)
Season finale June 1, 2013 (3923)
No. of episodes 22

Play Lambaba is Game-Segment Hosted by Elmo and Returns to the Next Season

Sesame Street's 24th Season debut on Production in January 5, 2013 to Febuary 18, 2013 with Follow Taped Inserts and Half Street Stories was Taped in January 2013 and New Tune-In Segments is Debuted this Season and Episodes its Premiered on March 26, 2013

Season OverviewEdit


Muppet Cast of Sesame Street

Season 24 continues the Curriclum is Call Sesame Operation arobust with 3 shows (Props, Standby, Set Construction and Technical Manutention) and Also focussed on math literacy "designed to help children put their mathematical thinking into words and talk about how they solve problems." Math literacy is featured in many scenes was tune-in segments before (including Episode 3902, Episode 3903, Episode 3907, and Episode 3912)

Major Addition to th

The End of Each Episode features a Manutention Public of Segment is Not Start

e Set include the Travel Agency being replaced by Sesame Street Loterias Caixa and Place in the Courtyard the The Photos in the Door and Upper-door too.

A New Human Character to the cast Is Tood and Friend of Gordon and Susan is Played by Dan Byrd

A New Segment to the Season is Sesame Cooking and Everyone Versus one! returned a Last Season with Seven New Segments about Carienge Clue, Very Greation, Living in a Fairytale, Favourite Teddy Bear, Three Seconds to the Season on the Year, Sesame Outdoors, Sing-Along Guessing Game.

That's Showbiz and Concentration returns a Second Season with Twenty Two New Segments.


A New Parodies to the Season Including "Scar
Instantâneo 1 (09-06-2012 19-59)
ed Elmoless" (a spoof of Scared Shrekless) a Elmo Thriller (a parody of Shrek Thriller) "Monster Gay" (a parody of Monster High) "Party Kick Anthem" (a parody of LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem)


Episode 3902 - 3923 (22 episodes)

  • Episode 3902 - Sesame Spaceship Launch
  • Episode 3903 - Juni Goes Win on Peão of Awards
  • Episode 3904 - Austrália on Sesame Street
  • Episode 3905 - Good Anthem Party
  • Episode 3906 - Big Bird feels So Sad and Very Angry
  • Episode 3907 - Do-Wop-Hop
  • Episode 3908 - Charli and Elmo looks Animals
  • Episode 3909 - Do the Alphabet
  • Episode 3910 - Valentin Makes a Game-Show of the World
  • Episode 3911 - Pajama's Party
  • Episode 3912 - Pancho grows a Beanstalk
  • Episode 3913 - "Terminate" show
  • Episode 3914 - Concentrate on Sesame Street
  • Episode 3915 - Telly's Guessing Game
  • Episode 3916 - Elmo hosts Very Apartment Festival
  • Episode 3917 - Wheel of Fourtune on Sesame Street
  • Episode 3918 - Snow White Meltdown (repeat) 
  • Episode 3919 - Mexico on Sesame Street (repeat)
  • Episode 3920 - In a Different Place
  • Episode 3921 - Great Differents
  • Episode 3922 - Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game (repeat)
  • Episode 3923 - Snuffy's Invisible (repeat)


  • (C) 2013 Sesame Workshop