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Sesame Street's 25th Season began Production on October 7, 2013 and Wrapped Febuary 3, 2014 The Second half of Season 24. The Street Stories, The Letter of the Day and the Number of the Day Segments was Filmed on April  2013 and Tune-in Segments was Filmed on Late October and Episodes its Premiered on March 3, 2014

Sesame Street
Season premiere March 3, 2014 (3924)
Season finale June 5, 2014 (4287)
No. of episodes 26

Season OverviewEdit

Season 25 continues with 2 shows of Sesame Workshop its Call Sesame Operation and Also Nature A Curriclum focurses a STRM (Spelling, Technicals, Radiology and Math) and STRAM (adding Art). So Sesame Street debuts a new cold-open its call? trailer of street stories from (Episode 3927, Episode 3930 and Episode 4278)

PDVD 005

The Street Story its Repated on Episode 4280

The S
89 009

"Fantastic Games for Kids" Is a Segment and Returned to the Season

eason 25 debuts a New Neighbors on the Street such as Twist, Steve, Tim, Casey, Fely, Mister Maker, Shout, Olive, Tood, Brandon Marina and Lauren was Played by Jon Beavers, Steve Nicholson, Tim Maddren,
Plaza Sésamo-Episode 012

New Opening Theme Sequence

Burgess, Fely Irvine, Phil Gallagher, Thomas Hobson, Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Dan Byrd, S

Play Lambaba is Game-Segment Hosted by Elmo and Returned to the Season 25

hayna Rose and Lauren Brant.

The Season presents a New Set of Sesame Street is a Entrance and Exit Door, Hopper's Store has a Such Metal and Newpaper Dispeners. Major Additions to The Set its Loterias Caixa replaces back a Book-it Shop. and Place in the Arbor has a Ainsley's Lanchonete was Added in the Arbor. a Staircase and Metal Door was Added too and a Garden replaces a Sesame Street Pizzeria and Place in Around the Corner is a Olive's Informatic Center, Sesame Shop, Eurodance Center, Sesame Street Church and 

A New Segment where added to the Season its Mister Maker's Minute Make Time. and Elmo's World returned the Fourteenth Season with Six new Segments about Dogs, Games, Wild Animals, Fishes, Cats and Weather and That's Showbiz and Concentrate returns a Third Season with Eight new Segments.


Episodes 3924 - 4287 (24 episodes)

  • Episode 3924 - Welcome Neighbors
  • Episode 3925 - Party Tonight on Sesame Street
  • Episode 3926 - Computer Capers (repeat)
  • Episode 3927 - The Robots Invates on the Informatic Center
  • Episode 3928 - Big Bird's Angry at Granny Bird
  • Episode 3929 - Let's Celebrate (25th Anniversary Special)
  • Episode 3930 - Who's That the Picture
  • Episode 3931 - A Water goes Far away to Hooper's Store
  • Episode 3932 - Marina and Kiki the 2 New Storekeepers of Informatic Center
  • Episode 3933 - Eurodance's Party on Sesame Street
  • Episode 3934 - Katie and Micah's film (repeat)
  • Episode 3935 - Elmo sleeps on Casey's Apartment
  • Episode 3936 - Telly and IPogo (repeat)
  • Episode 3937 -
  • Episode 4278 - Homecomings (repeat)

    New Opening Theme with Title Card

  • Episode 4279 - Sesame Street Celebrates Around The World (repeat)
  • Episode 4280 - Elmo Loves Charli (repeat)
  • Episode 4281 - Mine-itis Sweeps Sesame Street (repeat)
  • Episode 4282 - Fire at The Hooper´s Store (repeat)
  • Episode 4283 - Big Bird´s New Turtle (repeat)
  • Episode 4284 - Telly Loves Triangles (repeat)
  • Episode 4285 - Elmo´s dad Come to Homecoming (repeat)
  • Episod

    This Season 25 Include New Film Is Aquarium

    e 4286 - Changes (repeat)
  • Episode 4287 - Diferences (repeat)


  • The Season 25 introduces New Opening and Closing Theme Sequence
  • New Cold-Open is Introduction Of the Day is Debuted This Season
  • New Film To the Season is Aquarium on Sesame Street
  • Two New Segments where Added to the Season is Tiny Planets and Bert´s Ernie
    Great Adventures
  • In Season premiere include Episode 4278 and Season finale include Episode 4287

Guest StarsEdit

Mike Myers, Jason biggs, Doris Roberts, Usher, Chirs Brown, Fat Joe


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