Sesame Street
Premiere July 4, 2016 (4022)
Finale September 13, 2016 (4073)
Episodes 52
Sesame Street's 27th Season was aired on TLC in July 4, 2016.
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New Opening Theme Sequence

Season OverviewEdit

Season 27 continues Sesame Workshop's STRAM Curriclum (Spelling, Technicals, Radiology, Math and Art)
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Charli's Body Movement is an 2005 Segment was Re-Debuted This Season]]and STREAM (adding Engineering). and Also includes a Many Street Stories from (Episode 4022, Episode 4029, Episode 4035, Episode 4040 and Episode 4045).

The Season includes the Project "Sesame Street's Magical Stories and Celebrating Parties Forever" a New Project of Street Stories its Produced by Working Dog Productions and the American Production Company "Sesame Workshop".

This Season Re-debuts a new 2005 cold-open its call? Charli's Body Movement, A New Cold-Open of Sesame Street. and in the End of Each Episode features Trailer of Street Stories.

Season 27 Presents a New Human Cast of Sesame Street,
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John a Owner of His Lunch Center was Played by Nathaniel Willemse, Albert a Helpful of John's Lunch Center was Played by Jai Waetford, Ryan a Owner of Book-it Shop was Played by Johann Ruys, Casey the Owner of his Video Center was Played by Casey Burgess, Patrick, a Runner of Hooper's Store was Played by Greg Sellar, David a Brazilian-Australian Friend of Casey and a Helpful of Book-it Shop was Played by Davi Eduardo de Oliveira, Emily, A Owner of Baú da Felicidade Shop was Played by Emily Browning, Johnny, a Helpful of Hooper's Store was Played by Tim Maddren and Lauren, a Helpful of Casey's Video Center was Played by Lauren Brant and Kyle, A Helpful of Baú da Felicidade Shop was Played by Kyle Sandilands and Also, a Conrad a Owner of Sesame Street Sport Court was

Where A Computer In Your Negribhood

Played by David Wenham.

Starting this Season has A Surprise, After of the Each Street Story features a Music Video of Artists Segments and

a New Segment where Added to the Season, Sofia the First.


The Episode 3896 was Repeated on Episode 4085 in the Next Season

Elmo's World returned the Sixteenth Season with Ten New Segments about Flowers, Plants and Trees, Hair, Ears, Feet, Eyes, Jumping, Helping, Friends, Birthdays and Games.

Set ChangesEdit

  • Major Additions to the Set includes Book-it Shop wins a New Design.

    Muppet Cast of Sesame Street

  • and Place in the Arbor has a Car Garage was Changed by Casey's Video Center, a Staircase and Upper-Door was Added in the Arbor
  • a Garden replaced by Sesame Street Pizzeria,
  • John's Lunch Center and Rodney's Sound Shop was Added to the Set
  • Albert's Game Center, Subway Station and Sesame Street Sport Court was Added in Around the Corner
  • Hooper's Store wins a New Colorful Design
  • the Sesame Street Set was Designed by Graeme Haddon and Constructed by AM-Set Construction  

A 2004 Episode was Repeated on Episode 4078 in Next Season



​The Season began Production on January 4 and Wrapped on Febuary 19, 2016, The Street Stories was Filmed From January 4 to Febuary 19, 2016 The Letter of the Day and The Number of the Day Segments was Filmed on April 7, 2016, The Season was Filmed at Docksland Studios Mellbourne in Victoria, Australia.


Episodes 4022 - 4073 (52 episodes)

  • Episode 4022 - Welcome to Sesame Street, Everyone
  • Episode 4023 - One World, One Sky
  • Episode 4024 - The Robots Invades a Book-it Shop
  • Episode 4025 - Ghost Town

    In Episode 4023, Big Bird, Elmo and Hu Hu Zhu demonstrates the One World, One Sky

  • Episode 4026 - Funny Magic Show
  • Episode 4027 - David's African Mbiraband
  • Episode 4028 - The Dancing Bus Party on Book-it Shop
  • Episode 4029 - Elmo and David's First Sleep on 123s with Casey
  • Episode 4030 - Winning is Only for Turning
  • Episode 4031 - Wonders of the World
    PDVD 005

    The Episode its Repated on Episode 4056

  • Episode 4032 - Louie Considers Moving (repeat)
  • Episode 4033 - What's a Mess
  • Episode 4034 - Dead or Alive 2 Championship on Sesame Street
  • Episode 4035 - AB 5 Pilates
  • Episode 4036 - Eurodance 90's Party on Sesame Street
  • Episo
  • de 4037 - Johnny Gets to Book-it Shop
  • Episode 4038 - Penguin Loves to Sing (repeat)
  • Episode 4039 - Sesame Game Festival
  • Episode 4040 - Observe, Record, Annoy (repeat)
  • Episode 4041 - Friendship Party on Sesame Street 
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  • Episode 4042 - Elmo hosts "If Rolling, Rolled" part 1 
  • Episode 4043 - Elmo hosts "If Rolling, Rolled" part 2 
  • Episode 4044 - Elmo hosts "If Rolling, Rolled" part 3
  • Episode 4045 - Elmo hosts "If Rolling, Rolled" part 4
  • Episode 4046 - Annual Circle Toss
  • Episode 4047 - Summer in the Courtyard
  • Episode 4048 - Rosita meets Frogs wearing Crown (repeat)
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    "Pinky Dinky Doo" its a Segment its Not Debuted this Season, But the its debuted to the Next Season

  • Episode 4049 - Goldilocks gets Messing (repeat)
  • Episode 4050 - Hippo's Challenge
  • Episode 4051 - What's Behind the Curtain
  • Episode 4052 - Word Woman, A Super Girl of Sesame Street
  • Episode 4053 - David makes a Radio Station
  • Episode 4054 - Albert the Tiebreaker
  • Episode 4055 - Rio 2016 on Sesame Street
  • Episode 4056 - Kevin gets Make-a-Wish Trip (repeat)
  • Episode 4057 - Miles make a Band Pratice (repeat)
  • Episode 4058 - Sesame Street gets All About Me
  • Episode 4059 - What will Be When I Grow Up
  • Episode 4060 - Jack's Big Jump (repeat)
  • Episode 4061 - Get High
  • Episode 4062 - Bears try to Hibernate (repeat)
  • Episode 4063 - Leaving the Nest (repeat)
    Sesame Street Message
  • Episode 4064 - A Water goes Far Away on Sesame Street
  • Episode 4065 - Inspected by 4 (repeat)
  • Episode 4066 - Curly Bear is Born: part 1 (repeat)
  • Episode 4067 - Curly Bear is Born: part 2 (repeat)
  • Episode 4068 - Curly Bear is Born: The Final Part (repeat)
  • Episode 4069 - Baby Bear's New Babysitter (repeat)
  • Episode 4070 - Figure it Out Baby, Figure it Out (repeat)
  • Episode 4071 - Star Wars Visits Sesame Street (repeat)
  • Episode 4072 - Elmo's Dad learns to Homecoming (repeat)
  • Episode 4073 - Getting Ready to Draw


  • The Season introduces a New Opening and Closing theme Sequence, New Graphic Package and New Format.
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First-run episodes of Sesame Street began airing on TLC in 2016. The season debuted on Monday, July 4, 2016, with two new episodes (4022 and 4023) airing back-to-back at 9:00AM ET/PT. In the subsequent weeks, a new episode will air on Knoweldge Channel every Saturday at 11:00am followed by a repeat at 15:30pm. New episodes will debut each Morning and Afternoon for 52 weeks (from monday to friday), running from July 3th until the end of the season on September 13rd. The final episode of the season (4073) will be broadcast on September 13, 2016.
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on Tuesday The show will continue to air on Discovery Kids as well, but episodes from Season 27 won't reach public broadcasting outlets until the fall of 2016.


  • Charli: Charli Delaney
  • Mr. Hanway: Greg Sellar
  • Casey: Casey Burgess
    Instantâneo 1 (11-01-2016 00-03)

    New Ending Theme Sequence

  • Albert: Jai Waetford
  • Emily: Emily Browning
  • Ryan: Brenton Twaites
  • John: Nathaniel Willemse
  • Sunny: Sun Park
  • David: Davi Eduardo de Oliveira
  • Lauren: Lauren Brant
  • Kyle: Kyle Sandilands
  • Johnny: Tim Maddren
  • Conrad: David Wenham
  • Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


Muppets of Sesame Street

  • Brianne Turk, Pam Arciero, Martin P. Robinson, Frank OZ, Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, R. Bruce Conelly, Rick Lyon, Bryant Young, Tyler Bunch, Steve Withmire, Eric Jacobson, David Rudman, Joey Mazzarino, Tim Lagasse, Sophie Kartins, Ryan Dillon, PaulMc Ginnis, Brian Muehl, Natalie Duarte, Alice Dinnean-Vernon, Jim Martin, Erin Marshall, Matt Vogel, NoelMacNeal, Jim Henson, Camile Bonroa, Dave Goelz, Carmen Osbahr, Bill Barreta, Louise Gold, Leslie Carara-Rudolph, David Stephens, Jennifer Banhart, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Rickey Boyd, PeterMacKennan, Katryn Mullen, Alyce Martins, Graeme Haddon and Tennage Nash.


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