Sesame Square
Season premiere April 21, 2006 (0235)
Season finale May 13, 2006 (0250)
No. of episodes 17

Sesame Square Season 9 premiered on April 21, 2006

Season OverviewEdit

The Curriclum of Season 9 focursed Sesame Square encouraging children to think critically about science, technology, engineering and math. The curriculum helps

We Can Do It

children develop a better understanding of how things work, and builds stronger cognitive reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Also New Muppet Character is Abby Cadabby and Kathleen to the Final Season


Episodes 0235 - 0250 (17 episodes)



  • The Episode 0236 was Released to DVD Happy Valentines
  • Two New Sets where Added to the Season about Toy Shop and Furry Arms Hotel in Around the Corner