Sing-Along in Portuguese, English and Spanish 2 is a DVD of Sesame Street special was Released in 2012 and Also Durring Street Scenes From Episode 3825

Get ready for Sing-Along in Portuguese, English and Spanish While Muppets of Sesame Street tries to figure out how to get Elmo small again, kids will learn all about measuring in this extra tall tale. Then, Elmo makes friends with a Monarch butterfly and cooks up even more big fun in a silly cooking competition! Featuring three full length stories, two engaging new songs with Elmo and a special animated book extra, everyone will want to have Sesame Street

Release Date: 2012
Produced by: Sony Wonder
Catalogue no. SS04367
Format: DVD
Discs: 1
Region: 1
Image Segment Description


FRAME 1 Abby and Zoe are playing in the courtyard. They love dancing so much, so Zoe lets Abby try on her tutu. To return the favor, Abby lets Zoe try out her wand. As she's figuring it out, she inadvertently wishes that everyone would wear a tutu and wear ballet.


FRAME 1 cont´d

Suddenly, a penguin wearing a tutu crosses their path, followed by a mail carrier. In the Fix It Shop, Maria and Luis have promised to fix a giant 8-toast toaster just when they appear to be wearing tutus and begin dancing. Similar scenarios play out for Gina and Horatio, Chris and Big Bird, Oscar and Slimey, a Honker and Dinger, Grover and Mr. Johnson, and Telly Monster.

200px-4140c FRAME 1 cont´d Abby and Zoe think it's great, but they soon realize that their spell has caused an inconvenience on Sesame Street. Unsure of how to reverse the effects, they eventually figure that Abby's mommy would come up with a rhyme to undo the spell. After a short exchange, everyone turns back to normal, but they all seem to have enjoyed it enough to dance ballet again some other time. Once Abby and Zoe are convinced that the spell is undone, until a pig happens by in a tutu. Zoe and Abby think something has again gone wrong, but the pig assures them that he just loves to dance ballet, and the tutu was given to him by his Aunt Isidore, star of Swine Lake.



"Dancin Shoes"

(First: Episode 3827)Edit

New Higlights added


FRAME 2 Abby Cadabby spell the Friends of Corner Sesame



Ernie and Elmo sings Share

(EKA: Episode 3822)Edit

On-Screen Words added



"Face Facts"

(EKA: Episode 3857)Edit



Abby Cadabby made three new friends today And Next Segment...

200px-Song elbows Muppets

Kermit sings Everday is Near (remake)

(EKA: Episode 357)Edit
200px-BPR Muppets

Ernie and Bert: Bert sees Ernie talk to an elephant while using a banana as a phone. Ernie explains to Bert that he is just pretending, but then he tells Bert that the elephant wants to talk to him. Elmo's World is Coming up Next...

Muppets Elmo's World: Bananas
(First: Episode 3797)Edit
ThisLilPiggy FRAME 5



The trio sings about fur

(First: Episode 334) (playing during credits)